Web Host Pricing

30-day Guarantee      99.9% uptime

What makes milVetHost stand out is our take on Security, Uptime and Support. Unlike the competition, instead of being reactive we take a proactive stance to ensure your site is in good hands. Such as proprietary security applications, offsite backups, and U.S. and tech support agents.

Bronze Hosting Plan
Hosted Site: 2 pages
Data & Storage: 500 meg
Mailboxes:  1
Silver Hosting Plan 
Data: 1 gig
Storage: 500 meg
Mailboxes:  5
Gold Hosting Plan 
Data: 2 gig
Storage: 2 gig
Mailboxes:  Unlimited
Platinum Hosting Plan 
PlatinumData: 5 gig
Storage: 3 gig
Mailboxes:  Unlimited
 Quick Options

We can setup your new site or migrate your existing site, you tell us your needs. See our Services page for details.

  • New, 2 Pages or less - Our start-up plan, we will register a Domain name of your choice, build a template, and then add the data of your choosing. $49.95 + hosting & URL registration fee
  • Full FTP or Frontpage/Expressions Web Access
  • Move, 3 Pages or less - Our switchero plan, We will transfer your domain name to our nameservers, move your data from your old site, and format and update your pages. $39.95 + hosting & transfer free
  • CUSTOM PLAN - Tell us what you need, we will build a plan for you.

Web Host Prices

milMedia Group wants to host your web presence and  get you up and running fast. Have a site already but need somewhere to host it? We got you covered, no matter size. We specialize in helping small businesses, and organizations get their site or page out on the web


Web Design We build it, or you build it
Safe and Secure We are here if you have problem
Industry Standard Software Our backend will meet your needs